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Maple Leafs take the season series in 6-2 win over Penguins

To read the words of gloating Maple Leafs fans, check out Pension Plan Puppets.

Talk about a breakdown.  Or is it more a storyline for the season?  After all, this isn't the first time the Penguins have skated into the third period with a lead and watched it crash miseably.  Remember Washington back in October?  The Rangers a week after that?

You'd think Pitt fans would be used to this by now.  And yet, it doesn't get any easier to accept.

All things considered the Leafs won this game nearly one minute and 20 seconds into the third.  The rest was just overkill.  Jeff Blake scored two quick ones in the span of 20 seconds to put Toronto ahead 3-2.  The next three goals were just insult to injury.

Just like that Toronto takes the season series, sweeping the Penguins in three straight. 

The return of Sergei Gonchar and Ruslan Fedotenko did very little in this one, as neither recorded a single point.  Admittedly it was nice to see number 55 back on the ice, but here are the results we all expected but didn't want to accept.

And so much for a win streak of our own.  Squeak out an impressive win over a team like San Jose and then slip up against Toronto.  This season is simply amazing.

The good: Bill Thomas coming up big again with a shorty in the first.

The bad: Getting out-shot 41-27.  yes, 41-27.

The ugly: The third period.

Next game: Monday.  Islanders. 2pm.