Ouch, is really the 1 word that can pretty much some up yesterday's lost...I mean when you roll into a game with a win over San Jose, (who beat Boston), your best defenceman back, and on top of that, one of your best forwards who were giving you some goals. only to lose a 2-0 lead..To the Leafs. Which I said before, it doesn't matter what team you play against, when you go into a hockey game everything changes.

A team who's lost a ton can just amaze you and completely fool you. Which is exactly what happened last night.  I don't think we got cocky, we just got sloppy. We stopped giving pressure, we let em roll over into our zone and boom - all was lost.

Don't for one, blame any of this on Fleury. He was saving our asses in the first and second. Then the Pens kinda thought, hey if we back off, we have Fleury to pick us up....No. Never. Bad idea. To ANY goaltender. A goaltender might make big saves to give you momentum, but YOU have to score big goals to give HIM momentum and that's where he shines. But when you just forget everything and expect him to bring a win for you is wrong in so many ways. Fleury was left all alone out there and I applaud him for what he did. Even when they were down by the 6th goal he shined and robbed Blake.

Where are our Penguins fans? That's the only thing I can leave this post off with. I'm ashamed, I'm stricken...I just don't understand...We lose, we win as a team...Period. That's it. Hmm, but for some odd reason, everybody just LOVED the Pens last year?? And one loss makes us the worst team ever....I'm sad.

Go Penguins.

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