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Penguins salvage a point in Dan Bylsma's debut

See Islanders fans rejoice at Lighthouse Hockey.

Well that couldn't have gone as planned for Dan Bylsma.

In his first day as interim head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Bylsma watched his new team flounder for a pity point.  A raucous 0-0-1 start is at least better than taking a regulation loss to the Islanders, but as the season dies down (emphasis on dies) and the chances of making the playoffs look slimmer by the day, one point against the Islanders is not a favorable outcome.

The Penguins looked like a sorry, sad, depressed and abysmal team today.  No heart.  No drive.  No more adjectives.

The Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review ran a few stories today with player reactions.  All seemed a bit taken back by the Michel Therrien firing.  While it's definitely no excuse to lose a game, it's almost understandable that the players were shocked by it and Bylsma was practically thrown into a situation with no preparation whatsoever.

With that said, there's only one solution.

Fire Bylsma!

Just kidding.

Are the playoffs impossible?  No.  Will this pose as a trying task?  Yes.  Yes it will.

Twenty-four games remain on the schedule.  The Penguins currently sit at tenth place with 60 points in the Eastern Conference standings.  Given the proposition that 90 points guarantees a playoff berth, the Penguins have to go 15-9-0 to finish with exactly 90.

But by all means guys, if you're reading this feel free to pick up even more.

The good: Gonchar, Crosby and Whitney connecting for a goal.  It looks like 2008 all over again.

The bad: Unfortunately Gonchar is still showing signs of apprehension.  He's sending floaters to the net instead of rockets.  Must change...

The ugly: The third period was atrocious.  This game should've never made its way to overtime.

Next game: Thursday.  Canadiens.  7:00.