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Pensburgh link hits - Talking Therrien, Team Canada and laughing at misfortunes

It should go without saying that this week has been a big week for Penguins news.  As usual, we'll take a look at what some Penguins blogs are saying and then glance at action around the league.

Pens blogs

ESPN 1250 has a feature known as the Sid report.  After you get past the 35 seconds of commercials, Top Fan Chris Mueller sounds obviously distraught.  (This was prior to the Leafs game).

Great screenshot grab from Eddy Spaghetti.  Like him or not, Therrien's facial expression is worthy of a laugh here.

Everything Pittsburgh welcomes Bylsma's with a resounding sigh of "Finally."

Hockey, football and Stiletto shoes has a hilarious collection of Penguins poems.  I'm particular to the Fleury one because I can literally see him saying that...

Tony at The Confluence says Therrien is the change the Pens needed, but it's not all his fault.

Around the NHL

The Flyers' minor league team the Philadelphia Phantoms are rocking a new jersey this week.  Travis from Broad Street Hockey has a pic and poll.  Let him know what you think.

The Penguins will see a familiar face on the blue line Thursday night, as Mathieu Schneider returns to Montreal in a trade.  Habs Eyes on the Prize has the lowdown on that move.

The Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets thinks the Pens are losing their bandwagon fans (and laughing about it).

PuckDaddy interview Pavel Datsyuk.  Those interviews are always entertaining.

Steve Yzerman says he has a plan in place for Team Canada.