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Penguins trade rumors: Kris Letang

Kris Letang

#58 / Defenseman / Pittsburgh Penguins



Apr 24, 1987

G A P +/- PIM
2008 - Kris Letang 5 14 19 -6 16

If you look at any rumor you'll likely see the reference of  "a source."  Said Source is likely the anonymous insider who has a tip or lead to make them and others think a rumor is in motion.  Sometimes (rarely) these things come true.  Other times (often) they fall flat.

In this particular case, my "source" is not anonymous.  I will admit it doesn't have a pulse, but it remains a source nonetheless.

The source: Pensburgh's sitemeter.

This isn't the start of a rumor, but instead an effort to put some minds at ease.

Allow me to elaborate.

First off, this alleged "Penguins trade rumor" is not only the product of people's own speculation but it also combines a light sense of paranoia.  I say this with confidence, based solely on evidence that Letang's scratch in last night's game eluded to an unhealthy amount of Google searches for things like "Penguins trade Kris Letang" and "Letang traded."  

This isn't the first time Tanger's been a scratch.  Yet as the trade deadline edges closer, uneasy minds begin to wander.

Hooks Orpik and I were shooting some e-mails back and forth after last night's game.  I think he summed it up best:

Letang is only 21 years old and most defensemen his age haven't yet made it to the NHL, let alone played 123 games like he has.  Plus the added value of him being a right-handed shot that moves the puck really well just makes him that much more valueable.

Right on Hooks. 

This isn't the sort of trade that will likely manifest this season.  On one hand Letang is young and talented, but on the other he's still shaky and inexperienced.  His growth within the system is affordable ($685K this season, $625K next) and perhaps the first step to building a foundation that may affirm his position on the blue line for years to come.

Let's face it - Sergei Gonchar isn't exactly a rookie anymore.  One day someone will need to fill those skates and replace some firepower on the power-play.  At 34 years old Gonchar still has another season under contract.  There's a likelihood that this poses as the perfect time for a kid like Letang to learn from the best.

It's interesting to see how fans are handling the current state of the Penguins.  Everyone wants a solution and immediately sees a healthy scratch as the start of a trade rumor.

I'd like to think I'm right when I say Kris Letang is going nowhere.