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Tales of the Tape: Montreal Canadiens 2/19/09, Eric Godard vs. Georges Laraque

You know something's up when you suddenly get an email in your inbox from Frank saying "The Laraque/Godard fight may be the worst fight of the season..." I'd have to go back and check, but while I'm doing that, go ahead and take a look for yourself:

Those of you who were around last season probably noticed my great affection for Georges Laraque. Anytime he dropped the gloves, I was excited. When he left Pittsburgh in the offseason, I was dreading that one day someone from the Penguins would drop gloves with him - on the one hand, I still enjoy seeing Laraque fight, but on the other hand, I hate seeing a Pen go down. But Eric Godard has been on a roll as of late, so I thought it would be good. And I thought wrong.

Seriously, what was that? When two heavyweights go at it, they throw sick punches. They have highlight reel scraps. What they don't do is skate backwards repeatedly, then throw a single punch to end the fight. This wasn't a hand/face shattering punch like we got from Fedotenko/Armstrong, but more like a clothesline that knocked Godard off his skates. This was the Penguins' first fight since February 3rd, which was also against the Canadiens. It was definitely not worth the wait.

So how to judge this one...I'm torn. Godard went down hard, but Laraque continuously backed away from him in the process. You know what? You guys tell me.