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Tales of the Tape: Philadelphia Flyers 2/21/09, Eric Godard vs. Riley Cote

Bummed out by last game's non-fight between Eric Godard and Georges Laraque? Looking for something to restore your faith in hockey fighting (JustinM not withstanding)? Well, this isn't the fight for you. Check back tomorrow.

It's an inevitability that Godard and Cote will encounter one another during a Pens/Flyers matchup, and here was the one for this game. Unfortunately what started out looking like a good scrap quickly turned into a whole lot of hugging. Around they spun, hugging all the way, until finally Cote pulled Godard down to the ice and the linesmen did their job. I'm calling it a draw, and that's pretty much all I've got to say about it. At least it started good, right?