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Despite benching Kris Letang, Dan Byslma and Ray Shero believe

When you consider some of the back and forth banter going on around Pensburgh lately with regards to Kris Letang, I thought there'd be no better time than now to highlight one of Rob Rossi's articles in today's Tribune-Review.

Pensburgh user BelieveinPenguins has already voiced her opinion.  Adamant that Bylsma doesn't know what he's doing, she believes the benching of Letang is one of the worst moves the interim head coach can make.

Bylsma thinks otherwise:

"I'm a real big fan of (his) talent and skill, what he can bring to this team, and I think he can be a really effective player in this league," Bylsma said of Letang, who has scored five goals and recorded 19 points in 58 games. "I don't think there's a bigger fan of Kris Letang than me in that regard."

Rob Rossi

I know, I know.  That doesn't explain why he's been a scratch for the past three games.  If anything, Rossi does elude to the fact that it's deserving.

To blame second-year defenseman Kris Letang for the Penguins' 17-22-3 record since Dec. 3, 2008, is unfair.  Then again, Letang has registered a minus-10 rating over that span, including a minus-16 in the games the Penguins haven't won.

Eesh.  Rossi plays both sides of the argument there, something we here at Pensburgh have found ourselves doing as well.

Ray Shero has even jumped into the mix, openly telling Letang that he values his position with the team.  Unless Shero is about to stab Letang in the back, it may be safe to say that Tanger isn't going anywhere before the trade deadline.

Letang knows he has to work harder, that's a given.  We all know he's capable of doing more and yet hasn't shown it.  If it's frustrating for us, imagine what it's like for him.  Perhaps Bylsma will be the one to bring the best out of Letang after all.

Tough love may have left with Therrien, but don't shoot down Bylsma's ability to shape a better player just yet.

I'm curious to hear your take on this whole situation.