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Welcome Yahoo! users

Today we want to welcome some new members to our flourishing communities. SB Nation and our friends at Yahoo are partnering to give Yahoo Sports audiences one click access to our sites and content.  In addition to being the largest sport property on the web, Yahoo Sports is known for some of the best general sports blogs including: Ball Don’t Lie, Puck Daddy, Dr. Saturday, Big League Stew and others.

Relevant pages of Yahoo Sports will now feature contextual links to specific SB Nation communities.  Many other pages of Yahoo Sports will feature SB Nation content and links. The great news is that more sports fans will be introduced to SB Nation sites.

— SB Nation CEO Jim Bankoff

Jim's "today" is relevant to yesterday, but given the lead up to last night's game against the Islanders I really didn't want this news to get buried.  So I'll take the blame on that one.

Anyways, huge news here on Pensburgh.  Yahoo users can now log-in to any of the SBNation blogs with the ease of their Yahoo account.  Pretty sweet, huh?

In addition to this great feature, Pensburgh now streams directly to Yahoo!'s team page for the Penguins.

A brief introduction to the site: Pensburgh launched on the SBN network back in December of 2007.  The staff of the blog includes Hooks Orpik, formerly of The Sweater Ted, JDunman, our fight expert, and myself, FrankD, as the editor/jack of all trades.

With that said, if you're new to Pensburgh - welcome.  And if you're one of the regulars reading this, please take the time to welcome the new names you see popping up around the neighborhood here (not that the Yahoo partnership is the only reason to do so). 

Questions?  Concerns?  Feel free to e-mail me (Pensburgh at gmail dot com).

Other than that, I ask that you don't hold back from voicing an opinion.  Not one bit.  This site is all about the commentary and interaction.  Join us on any game night to comment in the open thread or say your two cents in the comments below the story.  You can also share a link via the fanshot feature or type up your own blog as a fanpost.  If your fanpost draws a good point, creates a lot of commentary or is generally liked by the staff at Pensburgh, it runs a good chance of getting a front page promotion.  For a brief rundown on the how-to of SBN sites, visit our friends at Hockey Wildnerness, a Minnesota Wild blog.

Oh yeah, and one more thing - DEFINITELY don't be shy.

However, I ask you to please self-censor your comments or I will censor them for you (ie. warning, followed by a ban).  I really don't want to do that, seriously.

Above all - have fun.