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A belated welcome to SBN Hockey's newest blogs

SBN has added a few new hockey blogs into the mix this past week.  I believe two of them dropped on the day of the Whitney/Kunitz trade, so as you can imagine any mention would've been buried quickly on the front page.

Luckily the trade moved before a welcome post did.  So although belated, at least now these great additions can get the attention they deserve.

On the Forecheck - Nashville Predators
The Forechecker joins us as one of the premiere (if not the only) sites for Nashville Predators  news and info.  This guy is about as good as they come.  Do any Google search for "Predators blog" and his name always comes up as a top result.

Matchsticks and Gasoline - Calgary Flames
Kent W., formerly of FiveHoleFanatics, joins SBN as the main blogger for the Calgary Flames.  Many of the hockey bloggers on the network are fans of his logo (present company included), and the name is just awesome.  We'll definitely cross paths on March 25 when the Pens host Calgary.

Silver Seven - Ottawa Senators
My good buddy Peter, formerly of SensArmy, joins up here at SBN just in time to cover the Senators' playoff run (hah-hah).  Peter was one of the first bloggers I touched based with when I started Pensburgh and we've kept in touch since.  The March 14 matchup can't come soon enough.

The Hockey Blogs are practically filled out at this point, although a few teams are still not represented.  If you know of anyone interested in blogging for the Rangers (bah), Lightning, Oilers or Blue Jackets, leave a comment below and I'll pass on the info.