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Penguins can't get it going, lose to Canadiens 4-2

Trying a little something new with the recap tonight just for the hell of it.

With this win Carey Price remains undefeated against the Penguins.  Up until this game, Sidney Crosby scored at least a point per game any time the Habs and Pens met up.  That came to a swift end.

Recent callup and first-time NHLer Luca Caputi scored for the Penguins in the first period.  You may remember Caputi from prospect camp this past summer.  He was a big favorite and rumored to be a front runner for the parent club.  He was ultimately among the first cuts.


  • How do they consistently worry me when they have the man advantage?  Oh that's right, because they give up more goals than they score on the power play.  Tonight was no exception, giving up one to the Habs in the second period to put them ahead 2-1.
  • The defense was sloppy and looked pitiful on the blue line.  Plenty of pucks disappeared back into the Pens' zone because guys like Goligoski and Letang couldn't keep the puck in.
  • Marc-Andre Fleury looks lost in net.  Outside of his third period play, he's too erratic and too careless when handling the puck.  It cost the Pens tonight.  Or maybe it was the shorty.  Either way he better get his head back on his shoulders.


  • Great puck control.  They skate so fast and hardly ever miss a pass.  It's a style I wish the Penguins would emulate more.  By that I don't mean pass blindly (the Pens do enough of that) but instead make the most of opportunities and find the open man. 
  • Carey Price didn't need to do much tonight.  That's not to say he wasn't solid, but did the Penguins really pressure him?  No.
  • They clog up all of the lanes all of the time.  For a pass crazy team like the Pens, the Habs give very little ice to work with.

The good: Luca Caputi scored his first NHL goal on his first NHL shift.  Not to talk it down, but it looked kinda lucky to me.

The bad: Out-shot every period.  This is getting old. 35-25 (7-7-11)

The ugly: They just look lifeless out there.  Aside from Malkin and Crosby hardly anyone is digging in.

Next game: Wednesday.  Lightning.  7:30. 

I say keep Luca Caputi up for one more game.  What could it hurt at this point?

Plus, he was the McDonald's player of the game.  How do you demote a guy with THOSE accolades?