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Tales of the Tape: Montreal Canadiens 2/3/09, Eric Godard vs. Alex Henry

What has Eric Godard been taking lately? The man has been on a streak of solid fight performances lately and definitely earning his paycheck. Again, just after Luca Caputi scored his goal, Godard dropped the gloves with Alex Henry. Buckle up, folks - it's a lengthy one.

After coming in and some early swings, Godard gets a hold of Henry's jersey and goes with the now-familiar jersey-hand jabs (which I am hence forward calling God Jabs). Henry gets Godard in close and manages to slide his helmet off, but can't capitalize on the advantage. The two begin a slow-dance spin with some blows bouncing off back and forth. Then, right at the :37 mark on the video, Godard connects with a left to the face that noticably stuns Henry. He recovers, but not too well - the fight is pretty much over for him at that point. He looks to pull down a bit to get the fight to the ice, and Godard continues to swing until they spin into the boards and the linesmen break it up.

The one shot alone gives this fight to Godard in my view. Even without it, he landed more punches and managed to not take a solid shot once he got his helmet off. This may have been a little dull, but an excellent showing of Godard's fighting prowess.