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The Penguins got a win, but now they need more

There are 29 games remaining on the Pittsburgh Penguins' schedule.

If the playoffs started tomorrow the Pens would be watching from home.

In simple terms, it's now or never.

Sure, last night's comeback win over the Lightning was amazing in its own right.  I'm not trying to talk that down one bit.  The Penguins can afford to go 17-10-2 if they want any hopes of making the playoffs.  And even that's based off the assumption that 91 points can get ya in.

Does this mean the Penguins will be big players before the trade deadline on March 5?  It's hard to say.  There are so many different aspects of this team that need improvement.  When you consider the likeliness of finding more than one solution on the trading block (highly unlikely) it would almost seem the Pens are stuck - stuck with the lifeless offense, stuck with the helpless defense and stuck with the subpar goaltending.

We can debate for hours over who to blame.  From the players (Satan?  Fleury?  Whitney?) to the coaches (Mike Yao?  Michel Therrien?) all the way up to management (Ray Shero?), this is a team that needs a dramatic turn around to make something of this season.

So let's do just that.  Let's talk it up.  Trades, call ups, line changes.   Whatever you have on your mind.