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52% of people say Sidney Crosby is a cry baby


Courtesy of an survey

Take your penalty and go to the box.  I've been saying it all year.  As much as it hurts to say, I find this hard to argue.

It frustrates the hell out of me to see Penguins take a penalty.  I get annoyed even more when it's Sid because now one of our top players is off the ice.  But when he skates over to a ref, removes his mouth piece and starts flailing his arms around like he's on fire I lose my mind.  We can't afford another two minutes.  You hooked/slashed/tripped.  I saw it.  And while I hate to see you go to the box, take the penalty and shut up.

Let me just say this isn't any sort of anti-Penguins sentiment.  On the contrary I like to think I see the team for what they are and not just what black and gold goggles will allow.  Any Pens fan who has watched any games this year (and last...and last(er?)) knows that Sid talks after practically every penalty.  If I'm in the crowd, especially if at a visiting team's arena, I slouch down a bit in my seat. 

You're embarrassing me.

Sid is a playmaker when he's on the ice.  His passion for the game is right up there with some of the greats.  His reaction after a goal, wince after a post hit and gritting teeth through pain are all signs of that.  But when it comes to taking a penalty he really just has to tone it down.  All he does is feed the critics, who in turn vote him as the league's biggest crybaby by an astounding 52% vote.

This isn't the start of a nervous breakdown.  I swear.