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Kris Letang nets two in Penguins' 4-1 win over Blue Jackets

Remember when Kris Letang was a rookie last season?  So timid he was on that blue line.  So hesitant to shoot.  So quick to pass.  It wasn't the best of seasons for a rookie defensemen but we all knew what Tanger was capable of is he would just shoot...the...puck.

Well friends, our lil boy has done growed up.

Letang picked up two goals tonight in the second two-goal game of his career.  It should at least be comforting to know his first one came against the Rangers a little over a week ago in the first game back from the all-star break.

Admittedly it wasn't the worst of things to see a scoreless tie heading into the second period.  I had hoped the Pens would've posted at least a goal or two in the first to open things up a bit, but was equally satisfied to see they didn't give up much in terms of goals.  Shots?  Well, they gave up 15 of those in the first.

With that said, Letang's night on offense shouldn't overshadow Marc-Andre Fleury's game between the pipes.  His near perfect game was shattered in the third period on a Fedor Tyutin goal that, for all intents and purposes, was just about as pretty as they come.

But at least the Penguin killer RJ Umberger was held pointless on the night.  You may remember the Pittsburgh native from his days in Philly last year.  He was quite the force.   Now that he's in Columbus, not so much.

At this point in the season any win is a great win.  This one was no exception.  Sunday the Pens will really be put to the test against the Detroit Red Wings in the final matchup of the season.  Although they walked away winners earlier in the season, Detroit is definitely a team that should not be taken lightly.  More on that later though.

The good: Marc-Andre Fleury.  Great play between the pipes to keep that lead secure.

The better: Sidney Crosby's 1G, 2A night.  Sometimes you don't realize how much he accomplished until you see the score sheet.

The best: Kris Letang.  Way to step it up.  I wanna see more of that shot.

Next game: Sunday.  12:30.  NBC.  Red Wings.