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Red Wings shutout Penguins 3-0, Marc-Andre Fleury looks sloppy

What can the Penguins take from this game other than embarassment on national television?

For starters, Marc-Andre Fleury can expect a loss next game or spend time with goaltending coach Gilles Meloche to work on rebound control.  The Red Wings had way too many second-chance shots.  In fact, two of the three Red Wings goals were scored on the rebound.  You can't blame the defense as much as you'd probably like.  This one is all on Fleury's shoulders.

Ty Conklin, on the other hand, offered no second-chance shots.  The guy was a vacuum last season as the Pens' backup and continues to amaze with the Red Wings. 

The Pens may also use this game as a gauge heading into the trade deadline on March 4.  The Red Wings are a big team, no doubt about it.  More teams like the Wings, if not better ones, will play hockey past April 12.  If the Pens want to compete with this calibur of play they need some restructuring. 

Of course they need to make the playoffs first.  That's another story all together.

Judging by the crowd's reaction you'd think Jaromir Jagr suited up with the Red Wings.  Now that's he's out of the NHL and playing in Russia, I guess Pittsburgh fans need a new target.  Enter Marian Hossa.  The whole Hossa/Pittsburgh story is old news as far as I'm concerned, but I know some fans out there still hold it close to their black and gold hearts. 

So when Hossa's third period backhander beat Fleury and put the Wings ahead 2-0, you could almost hear the knife digging into the backs of Pens fans.

Much to Pittsburgh's credit they played a hard game over the first two periods.  The third - well, you know how that went.


The good: Umm...

The bad: The Wings shutdown Sid and Malkin

The ugly: Fleury's rebounds.  Not helping.

Next game: Wednesday.  7:30.  The Sharks.  Blah.