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Pensburgh link hits - Thomas Vanek catches puck with face, Sean Avery may be back

It was a dismal weekend for the Penguins but an otherwise eventful week for the rest of the league.  Here are just a few highlights of the big stories:

Thomas Vanek took a puck to the jaw Saturday night against the Senators.  I tried to find a video but alas, YouTube has failed me.  Probably for the better though - it wasn't the most pleasant of sights.  He's out 3-4 weeks with a broken jaw.  Die By The Blade looks at life after Vanek.

I put up a quick fanpost last week regarding a New York Post article that claims Sean Avery may return to the Rangers.  Well, after Dallas detroyed the Blueshirts 10-2 Saturday night, Avery hit the waivers wire and talk is really starting to heat up.  I can't see any other team wanting him, but I'm willing to be surprised.  Greg from PuckDaddy has the lowdown on all of the financial details and comments surrounding this one.

The Flyers are historically dominating the Atlanta Thrashers.  14 straight wins over the club is impressive for any team, hate them or not.  Check in with BroadStreetHockey for your SBN Flyers coverage.

I've always liked Paul Kariya, which is why it upsets me to see he's having hip surgery (again) for the second time in two months.  I know the guy is "up there" in terms of age, but it really looks like his body hates him.  He's out for the rest of the season but is expected to make a full recovery in 09/10.  St. Louis Game Time for your Blues info.

Although the Red Wings beat the Pens this weekend, at least Edmonton's Dwayne Roloson gave a little preemptive strike to Dan Cleary.  The :40 mark of this video will leave you laughing and/or cringing.  Red Wings coverage on SBN courtesy of Winging it in Motown