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Hi, I'm here to fix the Penguins

Hello everyone, I come to you from a humble corner of the internet, I started joined the blogosphere with my blog The Sweater Ted back in the summer of 2007.  I'm thrilled to join the boys here at Pensburgh.  Over time I'm sure you'll get to know my intracacies and if you ever want to get at me drop me a line at hooksorpik at gmail dot com.

But enough about me, take a jump where I tell you how to fix the Penguins..

OK, so I'm new here and I already broke a promise.  I don't know how to fix the Penguins.  There is no simple solution or easy steps to take to turn an oil tanker around in a puddle.  Injuries and inconsistency have been problems, but every team has to deal with that over an 82 game season.  With the state of the NHL these days and so many players locked into long-term deals teams are hesitant to make many trades.

As anyone who's watched them could guess, one of the Penguins biggest problems have been getting the puck to the net.  With 27.1 shots/game, Pittsburgh is dead-last in the NHL here.  HOWEVA, last season they were second in the Eastern conference with just 27.7 shots/goal (23rd in the league).

Last season Pittsburgh allowed 30.8 shots, this season they're giving up about the same.  The difference is last year's play of Ty Conklin and Marc-Andre Fleury kept a lot more out of the net than Fleury and the dearly departed Dany Sabourin have this year.

As SBN comrade James Mirtle points out in his latest update, the Penguins need to go 17-10 to pretty much guarantee themselves a playoff berth based off of recent history.  While that in and of itself doesn't seem too daunting, it means they need to pick up 34 points in 27 games.  Conversely, if the Carolina Hurricanes get 32 points in 28 games, they're in and Pittsburgh is out, if the Florida Panthers gets 33 points in 29 games, they're looking good.  As you can tell, their "magic numbers" are a litle more friendly.

So it'll be an uphill climb, and with one of the NHL's best team coming to town on Wednesday, it's not going to be an easy one.