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Malkin's sick and a mini link roundup

One reason Evgeni Malkin might have been pointless in the past two days: he's sick and didn't practice today [Trib]

Uh oh: new Penguins prospect Eric Tangradi suspended for throwing water bottle at a ref [Bleacher Reports]

Your chance to vote: Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin, take 456798798 h/t Japers [The Big Lead]

Get caught up on a ton of Penguin pictures...Including a visor-less Sidney Crosby from yesterday's 3rd period (was Sidney preparing to fight again?) [Empty Netters]

Why do the Pens keep dressing Eric Godard only to play him 3 or 4 shifts a game? [Faceoff Factor]

A recap of this weekend's AHL grudge match between the Baby Pens and Hershey Bears [Penguins Insider]

All Eastern Conference goalies have consistency questions (save that Brodeur guy)....Though another solid run from Marc-Andre Fleury and I think people are going to have to start giving him props.  [Peerless Prognosticator]

Bad news for people that are hoping to see the NHL back to ESPN [Fanhouse]

Being bad and getting top 5 picks is a good way to get a good team [The Hockey News]

Comparing the Chris Kunitz acquistion to Gary Roberts [PSAMP]

"Butch Guerin and the Sundance Kunitz"...And the Pensblog takes another leap for headlines everywhere [The Pensblog]