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We'll be back after this commercial break...

By now you've seen the Colby Armstrong A&L motors commercial.  The Max Talbot follow up too.  But chances are you've never seen these fine samples of player sponsorship.  I've even tossed in an old non-player promo just for good measure.

It's not often you have to click the "read more" button here on Pensburgh, but when it comes to loading up videos and such I'd rather not jam up the front page. 

No lie, this one just creeps me out.

Sometimes a player doesn't even have to be in a commercial for it to be weird.  Take for example this confusing ticket giveaway promo.  I know it's probably simpler than it looks, but it strikes me as requiring far too much work to see if you're a winner.  Mind you this is coming from someone who has to double and triple check a lottery scratch-off to make sure he isn't throwing away a winning ticket...


Mario picked up a few car commercials of his own back in the day too.  Don't know about you, but I think the :20 mark is missing a good ol "Golly!" or "Gee willickers!"

Although this one was filmed during his days with the Sabres, it apparently seemed sensible in the eyes of a commercial copywriter to have Tom Barrasso take a shot on net and score a goal.  But that's not the most baffling part about this one. The :20 second mark defines it all, as the obvious owner sports a killer haircut and for some reason finds it necessary to pose awkwardly as if trying to refrain his right hand from punching himself in the face.


And now, back to the game: