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Follow the trade deadline right here on Pensburgh

The hype is building and the big day is less than 48 hrs away.  You can follow all of the trade deadline news and chat it up with hockey fans right here on Pensburgh.

I plan to run with an open thread throughout the day, complete with regular updates of moves across the NHL straight up til the Wednesday 3pm deadline (and beyond I'm sure).  Feel free to join in with your own predictions of who's going where, or if you hear anything on the move toss up a link to keep the day rolling.

With that said, if you hear something toss up a link from a news source, or at least one that references a news source.

If anything breaks for the Pens we'll likely have a story up asap.  However the thread will remain at the top of the page until a little after 3:00.  Be sure to check in throughout the day though.  It's sure to be fun.

This is one of the most exciting days of the year.  SBN Hockey is prepared.  All of the team blogs will have some action going on so feel free to check them out.  You can also keep up on the stories via SBN's 2009 NHL Trade Deadline Hub.  

Just a reminder, you can now sign-in to Pensburgh with your Yahoo ID. 

No excuses Yahoo readers ;-)

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