What You Probably Didn't Know About.................Kyle Calder

Hey guys, today's player write-up was tough as I had many things going on throughout the day.  Some work is getting done on my house, so the constant banging of a hammer mixed with my loud music as an attempt to counter the banging, has made it difficult to concentrate while writing this. Oh well, it's gameday so it's only gonna get better from here.



10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Kyle Calder


1.  He used to play for the Cleveland Lumberjacks in the now defunct IHL that seized operations in 2001


2.  Scored his first NHL goal against Mike Vernon of the San Jose Sharks.


3.  In the first season after the 04/05 lock-out, he led the Blackhawks in Goals, Assists, Points, Short Handed Goals, Game Winners and OT goals.  All this with only 59 pts., also a career high.  (Note: Gonch was 2nd in pts on the Pens that year with 58 behind Sid's rookie total of 102)


4.  He scored on his first shot of his first shift while with the Red Wings. Not quite as good as Mario's trifecta of scoring on your fist shot of your first shift of your first game, but still worth noting.


5.  He is cousins with former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.


6.  He was a career worst -31 for the Flyers in 06/07.


7.  As a child, his nick name was "Chuckie."  Upon joining the Hawks, they started calling him "Kid Chaos" because of his ability to "stir things up."  He was not too fond of this name so he must have been happier to acquire his current nick name "Grease."


8.  He recently took place in a hockey-themed showcase on The Price Is Right.  Pretty funny clip as well. Here is the link.


9.  While I was at YouTube, I stumbled upon this clip of an interview with him when something unexpected happens.


10.  He has 5 points and is a -13 in 16 games against the Pens for his career.  Let's hope he is on the ice while we pot a few tonight. 


There you have it.  I made it through the whole thing, and as a reward to myself for the distractions I've dealt with, ICE COLD BEER.





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