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Will the NHL discipline Evgeni Malkin for hit on Wayne Simmonds?

One day after Alex Ovechkin's goal celebration razzled the hockey interwebs, Evgeni Malkin now finds himself with a YouTube of his own.

If you caught last night's game then you likely saw Geno's "hit to the head" on the Kings' Wayne Simmonds.

Hard to say whether or not Malkin would've even been hit on this play. It would seem Simmonds' intent was to avoid contact, as evidenced by his poke check and attempt to slip out of the way. Perhaps Malkin anticipated the hit, in turn lowering his shoulder first.

Put circa-1999 Scott Stevens in Simmonds' position and Malkin wakes up thinking he's Eric Lindros.


Was Malkin's move a preemptive strike (ie. bracing for a hit) or an obvious head shot that the NHL will take a closer look at?

Did he lead with an elbow or lower his shoulder?

Or even still - is there absolutely nothing wrong with the hit in the first place?

Chime in with your comments. Looking forward to what everyone has to say on this one...