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Monday morning mini link roundup

Is this years' Penguin team better than last season's edition?  Maybe, but the biggest factor not mentioned here was just how solid Marc-Andre Fleury was from March-June last year. [Tribune-Review]

I'm totally with the Pensblog on this one: bring back the diagonal "PITTSBURGH" jerseys last worn in the mid '90s. [TPB]

Some joker responds to questions from a Caps fan [A View from the Cheap Seats]

Is it going to be an all-PA first round matchup? [PG]

A look at how the Pens have done broken out by opponent [Faceoff Factor]

If you haven't seen this suit Eric Godard was wearing, do yourself a favor: drop everything and do it now [Empty Netters]

Don Koharski is skating off into the sunset, donut in hand [Toronto Sun]

A salary cap outlook for the Pittsburgh Penguins [Cycle like the Sedins]

The hate and love of Sidney Crosby [Puck Daddy]

Is Joe Sakic coming back this season to say goodbye for good? [Denver Post]

Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg will combine to make $4.6 million less than Crosby + Evgeni Malkin*...The Chief thinks Marian Hossa might be close to signing long-term in Detroit. [A2Y]

Another eyewitness account of Crosby v. Marc Savard [The Sidney Crosby Show]

Malkin's starting to chirp in English and starting to get noticed [TSN: Duthie]

The Wilkes-Barre Scranton Pens just completed a grueling stretch of 17 games in 31 days. [Penguins Insider]



*The Pens duo has 45 more points this year by the way....As we know, Datsyuk/Zetterberg are top flight players, just sayin'.