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Video: Cooking with Evgeni Malkin

The newest video on Penguins TV shows Evgeni Malkin cooking in what I can only imagine is his apartment kitchen.  One of my all-time, laugh-every time videos is of Rick Tocchet cooking in the kitchen with his old school Pens shirt and Phoenix Suns (why?) hat, so naturally this was amusing to me.

But the amusement goes even one step further when you take a glance at his co-host Alyonka.  The interesting part is that she used to host Capitals videos with Ovechkin and is now working for Pitt.  Japers Rink covered the trade back in February.

One has to think she's over Ocho, as she specifically takes some digs during their MVP-centric cooking banter. Tell me she doesn't say "Ovechkin" as if saying, "Who?" less than three minutes in.

I can't help but imagine Ovechkin loading up the video at home, shaking in unabated rage and screaming, "ALLLYYYOOOONNKKKKAAAAA" a la the infamous scream of "Stella" from A Streetcar Named Desire.

Video after the jump.