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Games to watch today

Only two games going on in the East today, one of which is completely a wash.  Ottawa [Silver Sevens] and Tampa [Raw Charge] likely won't draw the same appeal as Boston [Stanley Cup of Chowder] vs Philly [Broad Street Hockey], but it does start at 6:00 for and of those hockey deprived individuals out there that can't wait to see a puck drop.

If you wanna take in some Western Conference hockey then today is the day to do it.  I'm hoping to catch the Nashville/Detroit [On the Forecheck] [Winging it in Motown] game at 5:00, with a bit of the Chicago/Vancouver [Second City Hockey] [Nucks Misconduct] game thrown in around 7ish.  Apparently the Predators and Red Wings always play a tough game, and frankly I'm in the market to see some rivalry-fueled hockey today.

Other games that may interest you:

St. Louis/Columbus - 5:00
[St. Louis Gametime]

Minnesota/Edmonton - 8:00
[Hockey Wilderness]

Colorado/Anaheim - 8:00
[Mile High Hockey]  [Battle of Cali]