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Tales of the Tape: New York Rangers 3/28/09, Tyler Kennedy vs. Sean Avery

The Penguins have been, for the most part, keeping their gloves on and not racking up the fighting majors, but it shouldn't be too big of a surprise to see a game against the Rangers having two fights. After all, Sean Avery is on the team, and who doesn't want to punch him? Tyler Kennedy certainly did.

After knocking into each other, the Paperboy comes at Avery and quickly drops his gloves and goes to it. After a couple of quick hits, Avery tries to wrap his hand around Kennedy, but Kennedy gets his arm around and very gracefully lowers Avery to the ice. The linesmen hop in and Avery puts Kennedy in a headlock, popping off his helmet. I can't figure out what the point was of putting that headlock on, but hey, it's Sean Avery. Check out the blank look on his face when the linesmen pull him off of Kennedy.

I'm marking this as a win for the Paperboy. He got the hits in, and he got the takedown.

Check back in a little while for part two - Godard vs. Orr IV.