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Tales of the Tape: New York Rangers 3/28/09, Eric Godard vs. Colton Orr

Do I really even need to introduce a video of Eric Godard fighting Colton Orr? If you want the setup for the earlier ones, try here. Or here. Or here. Actually, go back and check that last one. I still smile when I see that punch.

Orr and Godard locked up quickly, and Godard unleashed early with a couple of blows to the side of the head. Orr swung and missed, giving Godard another opening to land a blow. Lots of swinging and coming up with jersey-hits and weak shots until Orr pulls up Godard's jersey and the two come to a halt. Definitely not the showcase of Orr/Godard meetings.

I'm calling this one for Godard, since he seemed to get more and better shots in to Orr. Don't like it? Vote, then. I dare you.