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Tales of the Tape: Tampa Bay Lightning 3/3/09, Eric Godard vs. David Koci

With the trade deadline and all, we're going to handle this fight early and quickly. I'm sure everyone has other things on their respective minds today. It's been a week and a half since Eric Godard last dropped his gloves, but he came out swinging against Tampa's David Koci.

This one is a 'don't blink' scrap, as once the two started swinging, it was a couple missed shots, a hit that took off Koci's helmet, a jersey pulled up and a takedown. Did anyone else notice that Godard didn't put his hands up at the beginning of the fight? He obviously wasn't concerned about Koci coming out swinging.

As for a winner, it was really too fast to have a confident call - Godard got the shot that took off the helmet and got the takedown, so I'm calling it a win for him. Vote, discuss, then hit the trade deadline thread that will be following this one.