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Penguins' playoff chances increasing greatly

It seems like just yesterday we were gathered here on Pensburgh discussing the Penguins' slim playoffs chances.  At perhaps the worst case scenario the Pens had to win two out of every three if they wanted to finish with a projected 90 points in the standings.  Even that appeared as an almost "at best" scenario.

Now the odds are in Pittsburgh's favor.

Keeping with the assumption that 90 points gets you a playoff berth, the Penguins have to finish 8-8-0 over the next 16 games to pick up exactly that.  This comes while still in the heart of a phenomenal 5-0 run.

It's hard to assume any game is a definite win at this point, even if the Pens are putting up shots, goals and Ws.  But a quick glance at the remaining schedule may at least give more reason to believe this is entirely possible.

A lot of these teams (Panthers/Caps/Rangers/Hurricanes/Canadiens) are still in the playoff hunt themselves, so it's likely the Pens won't have an easy time. 

March 8 - Caps
March 10 - Panthers
March 12 - Blue Jackets
March 14 - Sens
March 15 - Bruins
March 17 - Thrashers
March 20 - Kings
March 22 - Flyers
March 25 - Flames
March 28 - Rangers
April 1 - Devils
April 4 - Hurricanes
April 5 - Panthers
April 7 - Lightning
April 9 - Islanders
April 11 - Canadiens

Perhaps a fun factor that may play a part - five of those teams (Senators, Thrashers, Kings, Lightning, Islanders) have a winning percentage of less than .500. 

Is it possible to know by April if the Pens are playoff bound?