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Do the Penguins have a second half star (so far)?

Things haven't exactly been busy for the Penguins these past few days, but that's likely a good thing.  After all, no news is good news when in a run like this.

But I guess you could say the recent surge of wins and evident turn around since the all-star break got me thinking.  Is there any one player that stands out as a second half star? 

There's definitely a fair share of candidates.

Since the break...

Evgeni Malkin
has 10 goals, 14 assists
Sidney Crosby has 7 goals, 13 assists (but also remember he missed four games)
Petr Sykora has 6 goals, 4 assists
Jordan Staal has 3 goals, 7 assists
Ruslan Fedotenko has 2 goals, 6 assists (since returning from a broken hand on Feb 14)
Max Talbot has 4 goals, 3 asissts

Kris Letang has 6 goals and 1 assists (was scratched for three games)
Brooks Orpik has 5 assists and a +8
Sergei Gonchar has 2 goals and 5 assists (since returning Feb 14 from shoulder surgery)

Marc-Andre Fleury is 11-4-2 with one shutout and three consecutive games in which he gave up one goal

Does any one player stand out to you as the second half star, or has this been more a team effort than anything else?  I'm tempted to think a lot of this recent success has to do with Marc-Andre Fleury's performance between the pipes, but I can't help but notice the other numbers as well.