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Scouting the Enemy: The Washington Capitals



CAPITALS BLOGS: Japers Rink | The Peerless Prognosticator


It's a tale of two teams since the Capitals humbled the Penguins two weeks ago 5-2--thanks to a couple of fluke goals but I digress.....The two teams have gone different ways...The Caps have lost 4 of 6 games, all four L's coming at home.  The Pens have won all five of their games since that Sunday matinee game.  And now we reload and do it all again.

Since that game, we've had the trading deadline.  Even though no one officialy has said so, trust me, the Capitals were in talks to acquire Bill Guerin....Then they backed out and Guerin's status went to limbo until Pittsburgh jumped in and brought him in on deadline day.

At Penguins practice on Saturday, the boys did not look like they were on day 10 of a road trip.  Evgeni Malkin was hopping around like a maniac and having a grand old time; Sidney Crosby was skating like he had been shot out of a cannon.  Ruslan Fedotenko was picking off corners.  The top power-play was working on their timing with two new guys (Guerin and Chris Kunitz).  After a break in play Crosby even showed Guerin how he wanted the vet to angle his blade for the slam dunk when Billy G sneaks in to the back door.  Watch for this, if not tomorrow then at some point El Sid will feed Guerin for the slam dunk.

If the Capitals defeat the Penguins today, they will sweep the season series.  And they and their fans will be happy.  Maybe it will compensate for not winning a playoff series in a decade because that is one thing Washington hasn't done.  After losing four of the last six, in a couple of lackluster efforts, the Caps will settle for what they can get.  Obviously with the tension between these teams no one is going to have a problem "getting up" for the game....We'll just see who executes better.

I'll personally be at this game, if you see a baby blue Brooks Orpik #44 jersey feel free to say what's up.