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Today we're all Rangers fans...sorta

If one thing's certain following last night's game it's this: the Penguins and Flyers have a first round matchup.  However, whether or not the Pens have home ice remains in question.

That's what is on the line for Pittsburgh roughly two hours from now but it won't be up to the Pens to claim it.  The task is solely on the shoulders of their division rival New York Rangers. 

Ever find yourself rooting for the bad guy in a movie?  Tonight's game is sorta like that, only this time it's a battle between evil and more evil.

So I ask: can you - WILL you - allow yourself to cheer for the Rangers tonight in hopes that they'll take down the Flyers?  I mean, if you really have to pick one or the other how can you live with yourself if you go for Philly?  Remember, a win gives Pitt home ice advantage against their cross-state rivals.  Against a team like the Flyers home ice can really play a big factor.

Like I said before, the Pens are playing Philly no matter what.  The least we can do as fans is show relative support for a team that can help benefit Pitt's chances.