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Tales of the Tape: The Missing Fights Part 1 of 6: 10/11 Eric Godard vs. Michael Rupp

As I was tallying up my fighting results for the end of the year fighting stats spectacular, I realized that to my epic embarassment, I am missing 6 of the Penguins' 39 fights. So between series, I'll be posting these fights as a special edition, since the fighting totals drastically drop in the playoffs (for good reason).

For the first edition, we go allllll the way back to October 11, to the home opener against the Devils.

Watching the beginning of the fight, you'd think that this would be a loss for Eric Godard. Rupp gets several good shots to the head, but they all bounce off of Godard's helmet and he stays with him. Godard comes back with some good shots of his own, including a hit to the face that slows the action down, until Godard comes back and knocks Rupp to the ice with shots to the back of the head.

In my book, that was a win that Godard opened the season with. How weird is it to say that?