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Hand in your permission slips, we're taking a class trip

Tonight we're going to try a little something new during the open thread.  Since this is the playoffs and we're obviously going up against a much-hated rival, Travis from Broad Street Hockey and I decided it would be fun to experiment with what some call a "road trip." 

Basically what we plan to do is use our sites as part of a collective thread. 

For the first period we're going to keep it here.  Get everyone settled in, get the action rolling and take a head count.  Philly fans will join up for this period and the trash talk will undoubtedly begin.

For the second period we'll shoot over to BSH and join their thread

And then we'll come back home to Pensburgh for the third period and any overtimes afterward.  I'll remind everyone again of the plans in the open thread and during the jump.  I don't know what the rules and regulations are over on BSH, but I hope we can at least project the same professional image we hold true to here on Pensburgh.

So it's important that you partner up on this trip.  Don't forget the brown bag lunches, permission slips and to hold your partners hand through the rough streets of Philly.

Hooks and Dunman are already partnered up.  Rumor has it they also already called for the seat in the back of the bus above the tire so they can fly in the air on every bump.