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From across enemy lines - A Game One recap


Travis from Broad Street Hockey addresses Penguins nation after his team's 4-1 loss in Game One.  You can read my response here.

Pens fans,

First off, it was a pleasure having you over our place last night, and thanks to you all for being courteous hosts. If only your team were so kind, maybe we'd have something more to talk about. They absolutely dominated our boys in every aspect of the game, but in many ways as well, the Flyers beat themselves. They've been playing undetermined hockey for a few weeks now and it's unfortunately carried over into the postseason.

Stupid penalties. Atrocious turnovers. No forecheck. Porous defense. Not even any luck. We looked like the Penguins from back in 2005 BC. Of course, BC stands for Before Crosby. Sorry if that reference went over anybody's head, but believe it or not, hockey was played back then.

Don't expect the Flyers to continue playing that way, though. The orange and black are just too skilled a team to just roll over and die. They need an attitude adjustment and they'll get it by Friday night, believe me. Last time they played as badly as they played last night, they came out and put five goals on the board in the first period.

In the meantime though, enjoy the victory. Don't think the Flyers are forgetting Bill Guerin tossing himself on Braydon Coburn in the waning seconds. Let's see him try his luck in a real fight on Friday night. Most of all though, don't think the Flyers are going to embarrass themselves two games in a row. The whole team isn't Scott Hartnell, you know.

See you tomorrow and Go Flyers.

Broad Street Hockey