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Flyers' Daniel Carcillo to meet with NHL today at 3pm

If you caught the finals 60 seconds of last night's game then you're no stranger to the Philadelphia Flyers' attempt to "send a message" to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Even though Bill Guerin and Braydon Coburn, for lack of better words, tackled one another in front of the Philly net, it's more than obvious that Philly's cheap shots easily outnumbered Pitt's.  Plus, who's to say that was instigated by Coburn?

Given the NHL's watchful eye over this series - literally of course, since Gary Bettman was in attendance for this one - it should come as no surprise that the league is stepping in to discuss the hit Daniel Carcillo delivered to Max Talbot.  With less than 20 seconds remaining, following a faceoff outside of the Philly zone, Carcillo dished what looked like a high stick or cross check to Talbot.  The end result sent Talbot flying down to the ice but didn't escalate from there.  Luckily he skated off to the bench without any obvious need for medical attention.

The NHL will hold a hearing with Philadelphia Flyers forward Daniel Carcillo at 3 p.m. ET Thursday to discuss an incident that took place during the Flyers' Game 1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-1, Wednesday night.

Personally I'm a little surprised that this is the one being examined.  I thought the hit to the back on Jordan Staal was much worse and carried riskier implications.  Unfortunately I didn't catch the number of the train that hit him, but it was a more than obvious cheap shot.  I guess this will have to do for now.

So to recap - hit on Staal, fight with Guerin, cheap shot on Talbot all within the final 40-50 seconds.  If the Flyers want to send messages with their antics then let them.  Pitt will continue to do it with their sticks and be rid of this series in three more games.