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Attention ladies - now's your chance for a $1 game

It's not everyday you have a chance to take in an NHL playoff game.  Part of that problem may be rooted in the overall cost of a ticket with prices exceeding far beyond regular season value.  If given the chance, would you pay a measly dollar to witness first hand the electric atmosphere of a Penguins/Flyers playoff game?

It just might be one of the better offers out there, actually, if you're a woman and plan on taking this guy up on his Craigslist offer.

We will meet somewhere downtown after work and grab a quick bite to eat before the game. From there we will rush off to the see the Penguins smash the Flyers again! I have 2 seats in the IGLOO section, so in between periods, we can go into the lounge for a refreshment or snack.

After the game, if things are going well between us, we can hit a few bars on the South Side or even Downtown and continue our date together. Or, if we both agree that our night should end after the game, we will just return to our own cars and call it a night. Pretty simple and safe for both of us!

Sounds like I may have to shave, bust out my wig, put on my best Sunday dres and sweep this guy off his feet.  Of course I'd have to provide a picture to go along with my request.  Something tells me I won't make the cut given these specific standards:

Please include a few (not from the same set) RECENT photographs of you in your reply so I can verify that you are real and determine if there is a physical attraction on my end. You will receive photographs from me, ONLY if you are selected, so that you can verify that I am real and also determine if there is a physical attraction towards me from your perspective. Fair is fair. I don't want this to feel like a total blind date for either of us.

"Determine physical attraction."  Sigh.  I'm out.

He does mention in the post that you show your knowledge of the Penguins.  So here's your first test.  Identify which of these three statements is false and you're well on your way.

  1. Jaromir Jagr was the first Australian player to win the Stanley Cup.
  2. Mario Lemieux was the biggest draft bust in Penguins history.
  3. Zarley Zalapski is the all-time franchise leading goal scorer.

The readers here would be happy to help you.  If I can't trick this guy into taking me then hopefully someone else can.  Should you be one of the lovely ladies who lowers her standards enough and tries to take him up on this offer, then by all means let us know. 

Good luck.