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From across enemy lines - Game three pregame

Pens fans,

You know, that game on Friday night could've gone either way. It really could have. Of course, those of us out East weren't happy with the results, but things could be worse. We could be heading to Pittsburgh down 2-0. You know, like the Capitals are heading to NYC down 2-0. Common ground alert: we can all laugh at Washington together. That's cute...

But right, as I was saying. You may remember the year 2000. It was pretty similar to today, actually. The Penguins played in a crappy, beat to hell arena nicknamed the Igloo, and they were up 2-0 to the Flyers in the playoffs. And then the Flyers decided, well, we better play some hockey. Four straight wins later, the good guys were moving on and the Pens were setting tee times.

This series isn't over. Don't you even think it. After all, we pulled a few strings. The Governor is a Philly fan, you know?

See you in a few hours,

Broad Street Hockey