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The better goalie: Marc-Andre Fleury or Marty Biron?

It's hard to say why this is a topic of debate but apparently a member of the Philly media insists that Biron is the better goalie despite his team's 2-1 deficit.  Given the circumstances of a recent win and the endless lack of knowledge prevelant in the Philly media, I figured we could tackle this poorly researched piece and distinguish who the better goalie is on our own.


Statistically, according to the Philadelphia Daily News' Sammy Donnellon, Biron is the better goalie.  Here is his reasoning:

He’s made more saves, allowed fewer goals and really, was within a late power play goal Friday of stealing Game 2 in Pittsburgh.

Biron has made more saves (101 to Fleury's 88) but that's only because the Penguins are putting more shots on (111 for Pitt, 96 for Philly).  Does that mean the Penguins are the better team because of it?  Hard to say.  If the old saying holds true and defense does win championships (see also: 2008 Red Wings) then it's hard to give Biron the edge on this one.  The Pens are testing him and testing him often.  The fact they have a 2-1 series lead over the Flyers is evidence to the fact that Biron is having trouble handling Pittsburgh's offense.  You've seen some of the goal that have gone in.  Most of them were easy saves, and that includes Friday's game-winner.

Biron has not allowed fewer goals.  I don't know where Donnellon gets his stats from or how well he did on the math section of the SAT, but Biron's goals allowed (10) is greater than Fleury's (8).  Yes eight, because you don't include the empty net goal against a goalie who isn't in the net.   And even if you did it would still be less because, you see, 10 is greater than nine.

As an added bonus it would seem Pens fans are backing Fleury more than Flyers fans are backing BIron.  I stating that based entirely off fan support in the open threads on Broad Street Hock and here.

When Philly fans are misinformed to this degree it's makes you wonder what life is really like in that black and orange cloud of pessimism and bitterness.  I almost feel bad for them, but not really.  If this is what Flyers fans want to read to stay "informed" (please use that term loosely) then by all means, they can keep reading.