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Fighting through the Playoffs: Chris Kunitz vs. Scott Hartnell

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Fighting is not a frequent occurence once the regular season ends. Five minutes is a lot of time to spend in the box, and guys paid to drop the gloves are often scratched in favor of those with more on-ice production. One would assume that fighting would be kept to a minimum.

But not when Pittsburgh plays Philadelphia. We've seen three fights in as many games, with yesterday's having two of them. We'll start with Chris Kunitz taking on Scottt Hartnell.

First, let me just say how awesome that hit was from Kunitz on Kimmo Timonen. Seriously. Go watch it three more times. Put sound effects to it. What a devastating hit.

As for the fight? I have to call it a draw, because all I saw was a hug go down to the ice. This is one of the first videos I've seen that neither goes to the fight while it's happening (though the announcers are calling it) nor shows the full replay of it. From what it looks like, Fartsmell went after Kunitz, and they eventually locked up and ended up on the ice. Did they trade shots? Did they even get their gloves off? Sorry, it's not shown.

Check back later for Kris Letang taking on Darroll Powe, and I've finally found a video of Bill Guerin vs. Braydon Coburn from Game 1, so that will be coming as well.