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From across enemy lines - Game Four pregame


Keeping with the exchange of letters throughout the series, Travis from Broad Street Hockey offers up another installment to Pens fans as we head into tonight's action.  You can read my rebuttal on BSH.

Well, Pens fans. You know the old adage. It's not a series until a home team loses a game. But if this isn't a series, what is? Our teams have played some great hockey in these three games, and Game 4 should be nothing short of spectacular either.

But um, where was your power play on Sunday? I've gotta say, and I know credit has to be given to the Flyers for their PK, but the Penguins couldn't set up for their lives? Did the crowd get to them or something? They looked like a different team than the one that played at home just two nights earlier.

The Flyers, though. Our boys looked excellent. Of course they got a jump from the orange-clad masses, but overall they just looked like a crisper version of Game 2's team. They finished their chances, they played excellent defense, and they got the Pens off of their game. Considering the orange and black have played better with each playoff performance thus far in this series, you've got to expect they'll have an even crisper, stronger, more aggressive performance tonight.

You folks at Pensburgh have been great opponents all series long, I have to say. It's a shame that your counterparts over at another Penguins blog can't be as classy as you all. I mean, they made a Harry Kalas joke. Talk about the decay of Western society. We at BSH do appreciate your sportsmanship, though. You're going to need it, too, what with three more losses coming and everything.

I'll be at the game tonight and I'll make sure I tell Sid how nice his makeup looks.

Broad Street Hockey