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Fighting through the Playoffs: Kris Letang vs. Darroll Powe

This one may be a little confusing at first watch, so I'll try to guide you through it. Before you start, though, you may want to mute the sound, as the NBC commentary on this video is horrible. The sound quality's fine, but the words flowing freely are simply awful.

When play stops, we cut over to a dropping of gloves between Tyler Kennedy and Claude Giroux in which punches are exchanged before Kennedy slips, bringing Giroux down on top of him. That is what I assumed I was looking for, until I realized that the called fight was between Kris Letang and Darroll Powe. You have to watch further into the video for that one, and be sure to look closely. See Letang and Powe bump into each other, shove, then quickly get pulled apart by the linesmen? That's what got called for a fight.

So the roughing gets called for a fight and the fight gets called for roughing. I'm not quite sure how that works, but for what it was, Letang and Powe got a draw. What else would you call it?