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Game Five preview: Penguins/Flyers

Pittsburgh returns to home ice after splitting the road games in Philly and now have a chance to close the door on the first round tonight.  The whiteout crowd will be deafening to the ears and blinding to the eyes (seriously - last year I had to dim my TV), so there's no doubt the masses will be behind them. 

Philly needs this one to survive.  The last thing Pitt can afford to do is take home ice for granted.  Would you be happy if someone took a win at your arena?  Back an animal into a corner and it'll fight to the death to get out.  That's the level of tenacity the Pens can expect from the Flyers. 

The Pens need to limit the penalties they take.  Although both teams remained scoreless on all PP attempts in Game 4 (eight for Philly, five for Pitt) giving up chances for redemption will not benefit the Pens.  Above all they can't take themselves off the power play by taking a penalty of their own.  Oh, and no retaliation because that will get called.   Matt Cooke, this means you.

If Marc-Andre Fleury comes out of the gate looking anything like he did Tuesday night then one or two goals may be enough to win this one.  But if the defense comes out and allows 40+ shots again it won't be easy for him.  Keeping Philly's shot total down and closing out the lanes in front of the net (like what they did in Game 4 but NOT in Game 3) is key.

The Pens can take the series tonight with a win and send Philly home for the summer.  Time to make it happen.