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Petr Sykora questionable, Kris Letang healthy for Game 6

According to sources surrounding the team - and hey, even the player himself - Petr Sykora is healthy and capable of playing in Game 6 tomorrow afternoon in Philly.  Perhaps the more pressing question here is, will he?

"It's not easy for me. I'm not going to lie to you. But I have to be professional and try to support my teammates whichever way I can and stay in shape. That's what I did today: I bagged myself."

Petr Sykora

Some line combinations coming out of practice indicate that Eric Godard may get a call to man the fourth line in Game 6.  I personally don't know how I feel about this.  One has to ask if there is really any need.  Would Godard's spot on the lines be better served to a scorer, albeit a weaker one, such as Miroslav Satan?

Evgeni Malkin may have a few new linemates for this one as well if the morning skate holds true.  Max Talbot and a scoreless Ruslan Fedotenko may flank Geno in Game 6.

On the brighter side of things it looks like Kris Letang is a go for the blue line. 

When it comes to switching up lines the risk outweighs the reward in my mind.  Usually.  On one hand you can try and catch the other team off guard and make them cater to you, but you also send a message that more or less proves that the other team is in your head.  Hard to say how to categorize this one, but after losing on home ice I guess Pitt is willing to experiment.

Do you agree with the idea of shaking up the lines or is it better to stick with familiar territory?