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Who do you want in round two?

This morning when I checked my calendar I read, "April 27. 7pm. Flyers."

This was, of course, a preemptive scheduling of Game 7. Nothing brought more joy than to cross that one off and realize the team (and hey, even us) have a chance to sit back, recharge for a few days and watch teams fight it out for round two.

The Rangers look like they are on the verge of a nice collapse. Once up 3-1 in the series the Capitals have rallied back to tie, sending Game 7 back to home ice in Washington. If you're jonesin for some hockey tomorrow night I highly advise you check out this 7:00 game.

The Carolina/New Jersey series isn't half bad either. Game 7 is tomorrow at 7:30 in NJ and will ultimately stand as the deciding factor in whether or not Devils fans will cry all offseason about that goal Marty allowed with .2 seconds left on the clock in Game 4.

Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, here is how the potential round two opponents break down for the Pens.

  • If Carolina and Washington win Pitt plays Caps.
  • If Carolina and New York win Pitt plays the Canes (and get home ice)
  • If Washington and New Jersey win Pitt plays the Bruins.
  • If New York and New Jersey win Pitt plays the Devils.