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Second round matchups are set - who you taking?

What a night for hockey.  Two great game sevens eliminated the Devils and Rangers, leaving the Penguins as the only surviving team from the Atlantic Division.  As mjsst61 mentioned in his preview (and as I'm sure you've read or heard by now), the Pens have the Washington Capitals to take care of in the second round.

The Washington/New York game was nothing short of expected.  I put myself on the record earlier in the month when I stated I felt the Rangers could take the Caps out.  It was a good series, not great, because by Game 4 you already knew who would skate into the second round.  Choke.  Now the Rangers and Mets have something else in common, other than playing in the same city.

The upcoming series of Boston vs. Carolina is interesting to say the least.  For starters, Carolina is obviously a team that means business.  They embarrassed the Devils at home in a come-from-behind win and have full momentum heading into Boston.  The Bruins, perhaps a bit rusted and rested will have Eric Staal, Ray Whitney and Cam Ward to answer to.  Something tells me Boston won't have such an easy go against Carolina.

Bookmark the following: Japers' Rink.  That's the Caps site here on SBN and they're definitely looking at this series as a rivalry at its best.  Perhaps even take some time to get acquainted with some of the folks over there. 

You may be tried for treason if you take the Caps over Pitt (unless you're a Caps fan), but who do you think will top the Bruins/Canes series?