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Chirping, Hobey, Stanley Cup schedule: Friday morning mini link roundup

NBC is putting their Stanley Cup Finals games on Friday and Saturday (for Game 1 and 2) then Versus gets games 3 and 4 and NBC will air Games 5 and 6 on Saturday and Sunday nights, with the possible Game 7 stretched ouf all the way until Tuesday June 16.  Gross. [Puck the Media]

Is Matt Cooke fit to play a top six role? (ed. note: no) [PG Q&A]

Dainius Zubrus lost his mind on Brooks Orpik because Zubie thought the Candyman hit him late and was going for his knees.  Note to Zubrus: if Orpik, a top line defensemen, probably isn't that interested in taking out a lower line forward with 14 goals. [Fire and Ice]

Farm watch: goalie John Curry is an impressive 5-0 in AHL shootouts this season. [Citizens Voice]

Faceoff Factor thinks the Penguins should start Mathieu Garon on Saturday against the Hurricanes and then go with Marc-Andre Fleury for Sunday's contest against Florida.  I would say Fleury/Fleury.  He's only played six games in the three weeks, and is going to be playing intense playoff games every other night soon anyways.  Fleury's had a heavy workload, but look at his numbers recently; he's shouldering it wonderfully, just like last spring. [Faceoff Factor]

If you like reading stories from hockey players, check out this acount from minor leaguer Justin Bourne about his growing appreciation for team chemistry. [The Hockey News]

Sidney Crosby the Penguins next MVP (as in next season) [The Hockey News]

Caps defenseman Brian Pothier had no comeback when former Penguin Matthew Barnaby once called him ugly while chirping on the ice. [Capitals Insider]

All three Hobey Baker Finalists play in Boston, two are from Boston University, the heavily favored team to win the national championship.  One of the finalists, senior BU defensemen and captain Matt Gilroy, is a free agent and the Penguins (like almost every other team) are interested in talking to him.  Adding Gilroy would be a huge feather in any team's cap. [Hobey]

Offensive dynamo Rob Scuderi is on the longest point streak of his career.  One more game and the streak will be equal to the number on his jersey. [Trib]

More impressive for a defenseman to score 30 goals or a forward to net 60?  I think any fan would probably take any of the above. [Japers Rink]