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Tales of the Tape: The Missing Fights Part 2 of 6: 10/11 Hal Gill vs. David Clarkson

We've still got a few days before the Penguins kick off their second round against the Capitals, so let's take a look at another fight I missed during the regular season. We're going back to the home opener against the Devils - with Hal Gill vs. David Clarkson.

This was a decent scrap, though not as fast and furious as some people (myself included) prefer. Gill starts out the aggressor, giving Clarkson a few shots and yanking his helmet off, but fails to capitalize on the advantage. Clarkson connects with a shot that seems to briefly shake Gill and connects with a couple more before pulling Gill's helmet off. Finally, Gill catches Clarkson's arm and pushes the grapple to the ice, where the linesmen come in.

I'm saying draw.

NOTE: You may be wondering where the fights from the first round with Bill Guerin and Max Talbot are. For that, I have to apologize - my non-Pensburgh life has been a little hectic lately, and I quite simply hadn't had the chance to sit down and put anything up for them. I've got one post coming covering both of those - which really isn't going to be much. Neither fight was worth much, save Talbot shushing the crowd after his.