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Monday morning link roundup

Penalties are down, but goal scoring in the NHL is up this season thanks to putting faceoffs in the offensive zone to start power plays. [From the Rink]

Sean Avery's "behavior modification" appears to be wearing off. [NHL Fanhouse]

The Hockey News sez Evgeni Malkin is the 3rd best Russian player this year...Note to THN, Malkin's been arguably the first best anything player this year. [THN]

5 Problem Areas for the Detroit Red Wings [Mr. Norris Trophy]

I love when Empty Netters has the old Civic Arena pictures. These were taken in 1965. Note there's no glass around the boards or anything. And the Penguins still play there. Unbeliveable. Fittingly, at the bottom of this post are some pictures of the new arena's skeleton being constructed. [Empty Netters]

Fred Shero (Ray's dad) is up for nomination to the Hall of Fame. [New York Post]

If you win this $500 shopping spree from Dick's Sporting Goods (thanks to the Penguins) just remember who you're favorite blogger is... [Pittsburgh Penguins]

Alex Ovechkin and LeBron James meet each other [Deadspin]

An early look at what UFA's to be might not be coming back [PG]

Statistically, odd are that John Tavares ends up in Tampa or Long Island next season. Bless his heart. [Yahoo! Sports]

More penalty minutes, more team success? [Puck Daddy]

The scoring race is back on for Malkin and Ovechkin [Peerless Prognosticator]